Sunday, June 19, 2005

Generating excitement for the 1st booksigning

Wow - our first booksigning is next Saturday!! We are really trying to get the word out and use all possible connections to pump up the excitement for this event. However, I'm frustrated that Haint is still not completely right on Amazon - still the book is not available. Aaargh!

We are thinking of refreshments for the booksigning. Of course Joy and I will be there along with Lily the dog handler and either Tank or Sol. I was thinking of doggie style cookies for the humans and human style dog treats for the dogs. One served out of a dog bowl and the other served on a fancy platter. Hmmmm.

My apologies for not getting the other Flyer dogs out on the blog - I can't seem to download their pics. I'll figure it out someday :)

Just a few musings from the HaintOps - will vent later TTFN