Friday, January 27, 2006

EPA wants to test pesticides on children and pregnant women

I write science fiction but THIS stuff scares me!

This just out in an article from our noble journalists at TruthOut, the same government which is pushing legislative tort reform (read that cutting liabilities to large corporations) now wants to allow some of those large corporations (large pharma and chemical in particular) to, ahem, test their bug killers on pregnant women and children.

Where's the Queen of Hearts? Which way out of THIS looking glass?

That's right, the companies who already make a lot of money want to use unborn babies as test subjects! Where's the Pro-Life movement when you need them? Seems that dosing the next generation with bug spray just to find out the deleterious effects seems rather odd at best. I mean, haven't there been decades of evidence that bug sprays designed to take out smaller creatures by stopping their nervous systems isn't too good for developing humans? No big discoveries here.

What is very interesting that the same people who want to "loosen up" those controls on human testing also want to "tighten up" the reins on average people who get harmed by large corporations like, oh well, the drug and chemical companies. Might be something there but I couldn't say for sure. All the same, you might want to connect the dots.


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