Friday, January 27, 2006

We give trophy hunters tax breaks

Did you know that we actually help trophy hunters kill animals by giving them tax breaks? I didn't but the Care2 and The Humane Society of America folks did. Seems that our brave but bloated hunters (you know, the same ones who think its fun to shoot live animals via webcams in Texas) just can't seem to afford their little vice so a whole cottage industry has grown up advising them on how to make their hunting less expensive or even free by calling it "charity" and getting tax breaks. Amazing!

It seems that if these "hunters" claim they are shooting a couple of extra animals for museums they canw rite off their expenses. Needless to say someone HAD to write a book. SO those guys are not only making money off dead animals, they've encouraging others to kill MORE animals to enable them to kill the ones they wanted to kill in the first place.

Now don't get me wrong. I am NOT a vegetarian and I am NOT absolutely positively anti-hunting in all cases. What I am is outraged that some sick souls would have taken the video game to the next level -- killing live beings. Its one thing to hunt pheasant in person, a completely different thing to shoot a water buffalo via a camera attached to a rifle a thousand miles away from where you sit ensconced in your comfy recliner with your Cheetos! Talk about dehumanization! talk about disconnection from the real event! How do these guys get blooded? Via FedEx?!?!!?

But back to the issue at hand. I'm even more outraged that our tax dollars would support this lazy, inhumane treatment of animals. Here's what Care2 had to say in a recent email:

"The blatent corruption is evident even in canned hunt ads; many operators use slogans like "Hunt For Free," "Hunting in a Tight Money Economy," and "7 Secrets of Tax Deductible Hunting." Can you believe they are actually advertising the taxpayer-financed killing of helplessly enclosed animals? "


If you want to find out more check out ThePetitionSite, HSUS or Care2. All have ways to protest this stupendously stupid way to add to the national deficit via theft of tax funds.


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