Thursday, February 02, 2006

NOT on the lighter side --British scientists say we have 2 decades to make changes or else before global warming causes tragic repercussions

The world must halt greenhouse gas emissions and reverse them within two decades or watch the planet spiralling towards destruction, scientists said on Monday.

We're down to it according to leading scientists. No more wishy-washy "maybes" according to the guys who know. For more information check out this article from Reuters on Truthout.

Synchronicity is all around us, isn't it? Just this week I got an email from a reader on the East Coast who said that while she was reading Haint, the weather was much warmer than normal and the wind blew incessantly. She said it really set the tone for her reading of Haint. For those of you who've read it, you'll recognize why.


Blogger HanktheDog said...

She may have a different view of warming this week, but the trend is theorectically as much about turbulence as about warming, as I understand. A lot of folks in Florida are none to happy about the prospect.

Mon Feb 13, 07:53:00 AM PST  
Blogger Joy said...

Hank, you're one on top of it dog! So many folks want to dismiss global warming because we still get snow, cold, etc. But its not just about getting warmer, its about changing weather patterns, as you point out.

And by the way, the Brits aren't too happy about their prospects either. One Scot told me while I was in Scotland this past summer that they expect a great deal of England to go under water when the weather patterns change. He did say, however, that Scotland was in very little danger.

Tue Feb 14, 07:51:00 PM PST  

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